Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work, Work, Work!

 A dreary start to the work day.
Thankfully the coffee was hot.
With only four people at the worksite, we managed to move hundreds of parts around in order to remove the first set of pieces from the parts trailer. We worked on 1 set of drive rods, 1 set of reverser links and quite a few sets of valve gear rods and eccentrics as well as a host of smaller parts that needed attention. As I last mentioned, we need to clean all bearings of grease and old alemite as well as all journals associated with the valve gear parts and reciprocating parts for #35's drive train. With a few more hands over the next 3 weekends, we should be able to complete the task at hand   before the contractor, Steam Operations Corp. comes in for their inspection date in May.
Keep your fingers crossed for a great turnout next week!

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