Sunday, April 11, 2010

The beginning of (we hope) the end-of the tunnel!

Well, we started the restoration of #35.
Shouldn't I be happier??
Our crew started the restoration by working on the braking system on our forklift. We were still encountering a major issue with the brakes applying automatically while in reverse. Not a way to work, so we adjusted them. This meant a 3 hour marathon wheel and axle removal/replacement session.
After a short lunch, we set up a work tent and moved one of the 2 heavy duty shop work tables inside of it and the other was moved parallel to the parts trailer so we can set up a second tent over it.
This will give us plenty of dry work space and allow 2 people to use the tables simultaneously to get more parts competed.
We were given a list by our contractor, Steam Operations Corporation (S.O.C), a very prominent steam locomotive rebuilder and most of the list if not all was regarding the reciprocation assemblies.
Drive & pilot trucks, Valve gear assembly, rods and steam/valve cylinder interiors.
There are a lot of parts involved and since we are just a Saturdays only volunteer force, we need to move out many parts at a time.
These parts will need to have their journal faces, bearing faces and crankpin diameters checked against the PRR/LIRR blueprints for the G5s class of 10 wheeler that #35 belongs to in order to begin a plan to restore the parts.
We will be cleaning all of the area listed for us and then coating the pieces so the contractor can do his work.
This is phase 1.
After this phase has been completed, Scott Lindsey (S.O.C), will bring in his crew for a few days and measure/record all of the findings. Then he will go back to his offices and create a master plan with associated costs.
This plan will then be submitted for verification against the blueprints and work will begin to move the parts to his shop for the rebuilding during phase 2!
Pray for us to
finish on time.
Then we can go back to finishing our turntable!!!!!

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