Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still moving & shaking at OBRM

Hi folks,
It's now Sunday afternoon 4/25/10 and I have finally found the time to write down my impressions on Yesterdays (4-24-10) work session.
With plenty of hands on board, we were able to remove all of the remaining parts to be worked on from the trailers and moved around about 20 pallets of parts to get to them.
With the exception of the main driver bearing boxes, everything we removed has been cleaned, degreased and coated. They have also been wrapped, palletized and replaced into the trailers.
We also had a small crew working on the driver crankpins, bearing and journals as well as the pilot truck journals.
I took it upon myself to treat everyone to a nice lunch of BBQ burgers and dogs. I think they were getting sick of PIZZA.
For next weeks session the bearing boxes will be completed and that will leave us ONLY to clean out and coat both steam cylinders and both valve cylinders, the crosshead guides and the pedestal legs on the frame of #35.
With another crew like yesterday we can accomplish this task in about 4-5 hours.
This will then allow us to get back to working on the turntable.
During this coming week, a few of the volunteers who are retired will be going up to clean out and prepare the historic train station for our upcoming open house which will be on Saturday May 8th from 10-4pm.
We will also be dedicating our recently completed Worlds Fair Cab display which starts promptly at 2pm.
We are doing this dedication in honor of 3 of our volunteers who have passed away.
George Hunka, Pete "Fazoots" Taormina and James "Jamie" Carley.
This dedication meant more to me as I knew all 3 and Jamie was my brother in law. Many Carley family members attended the dedication and were grateful that we remembered him and our other 2 friends
If you are a faithful follower of my blogs, come on down and say hi. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend as my nephew is making his communion, but stop by and tell everyone from OBRM that you are a blog follower!

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