Sunday, October 8, 2017

almost on time

Hi folks,
so it's only Sunday and I'll take that as writing on time.
Yesterday, Fred and  I dove right in on continuing our good luck with the fuel system on the forklift.
When we left last Saturday, the forklift was cutting out and we weren't too sure whether it was the newly installed fuel pump or something electrical.
We hooked up the gravity feed can and the motor started right up and ran until we shut it off, so we knew it was the fuel pump.
It turns out that the 90 degree fitting on the outlet side of the pump was loose and sucking air.
I had already purchased a straight fitting and Fred installed it in minutes.
We then changed out the fuel line for a new one and hooked up a new filter.
We crossed our fingers and then hit he key.......
Success! It started and ran smoothly until WE shut it off.
Smooth sailing, so we thought.
Later, after we moved onto something else, we came back to start the forklift again and found that it was cutting out again.
We were SO pissed off that Fred decided it was time to leave and clear his head. I agreed as I was to leave at 1:30 to get back home. I had to take over the desk at my local Historical Society in Baldwin from 3-5.
Before I left, I decided against Fred's better judgment to advance the ignition timing.
I bumped it  about 2 degrees advanced and started the engine. It fired up and kept running.
I remembered many years ago that this engine seemed to like more timing and just took a shot.
I called to tell Fred and we both laughed.
There's still a chance that it could be vapor lock, but this never happened before and I can't believe that it is the cause of our issues. Who knows??
While this was going on, George and Bernard were continuing their work on removing the floor in the Ping Pong Coach.
They are almost done and there is a very good chance that we could begin welding in cross pieces in a few weeks.
These pieces will divide the width of the open sections where the new corrugated steel will be placed and will provide good structural rigidity for the new concrete pour.
A bit more steel removal and we are ready to go!!

Next weekend will be the annual Oyster Festival and most areas of our campus will be closed in order to focus on our fundraising efforts at our booth.
 The following Saturday will be our annual meeting at the Station and our second memorabilia sale.

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Keep the faith!