Saturday, January 27, 2018

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi folks,
I'm still stoked from today!
George met me up at the yard at 9am for what turned out to be another ass kicking day!!
Yes, 2 exclamation points for today!!
Well, what happened to make it such a great day?
If George and I getting all of the rivets out from the center sill wasn't enough, John Specce stopped by with 2 new tires for the golf cart, which we put on. There's more-John Petsch stopped by around 10 to go over plans for metal replacement inside the cab to stiffen it and we actually have most of the steel. Kaching! He also installed a block heater on the engine. This can be plugged in to keep the blocks coolant warm enough to facilitate easy starting.
But wait; there's even more!
We had a sandblasting contractor come in to look over the job of blasting the Ping Pong Coach (PPC). He's planning on bringing his equipment up to make some test strips in order for him to fully evaluate the job.
We also had a local concrete contractor come up around the same time to look over  and give us a quote to pour a new concrete floor over the soon to be installed corrugated steel floor.

WOW. What a day. Started at 9 and left at 3. 6 straight hours.
It's funny how determined people can get the job done!

Next week we plan on working inside of  the PPC to remove the remnants of the old  corrugated steel that are still riveted to the outside wall channel/grind the remnants of the screws that held the stainless steel heating covers and remove them from the heating vent in order to drill and tap for new screws.

Next week I also  intend to pickup  the corrugated steel for the floor and place the order for the rest of the steel for the car to be delivered in a couple of weeks.
Gonna be a busy winter in Oyster Bay!!!-yes 3 exclamation points for this.
No photos today, sorry.

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