Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Big day in Oy Bay!

Yesterday, we came back to a day that we wouldn't know if we could even work due to the impending storms.
At 8am I once again met up with Rich & Doug, then proceeded to put the two drive rods completed at the last work session into the storage trailer.
We then loaded the work benches with the last 2 drive rods for polishing.These 2 rods are the main rods from the left side which attach the steam cylinder piston rod to the drive wheels.
After our saftey talk, 2 of our younger volunteers busied themselves by polishing the drive rods, while the 3 of us "senior" volunteers opened up the sealed storage trailer to find the pins which attach all of the valve gear linkage & rods.
After a couple of hours worth of piecing together the left and right side parts. We were able to put together the entire valve train for both sides of #35. This may not seem like a lot to most people, but it truly was an accomplishment for us as we had to find the exact pins to fit the exact bushings and make sure that we DID NOT mix up the parts from left & right. Thankfully, we had a great side view of #35 near the turntable to work from.
We also had a few new volunteers join up as well and I hope that they find any time they spend working with us enjoyable and fun.
We called it quits around 2pm as the storm arrived.