Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ping Pong History

Hi Folks,
after being worked on for the past few months, I would like to bring you up to speed on our Ping Pong Progress.

Built by AC&F-American Car and Foundry in 1923 as a P54E steam car as car #433, it was then converted to an MU trailer in April of 1925 without a change in car number. It was then modernized in March of 1958 and given the class P54D and changed to #7433. It was officially "scrapped" on 12/21/1974.
#7433  was then sold to Steamtown Foundation, Bellows Falls, VT, 12-21-1974. Refurbished in 1976 and named Colonel Seth Warner for use on the Vermont Bicentennial Steam Expedition. It was again Sold to the Knox & Kane RR in Marienville PA. It was auctioned off and sold for scrap, 10-10-2008. Sold to Oyster Bay RR Museum, Oyster Bay NY, 11-2008 and was subsequently readied for its travels up to Oyster Bay NY for inclusion in the Museum display yard.
**The information above was compiled by Ed Koehler from List Chapter NRHS***

In September of 2017, we began the restoration by removing the seats, seat frames and finally all of the concrete and steel corrugated floor. 
Our plans are to  add steel channel reinforcements between the floor cross members, cover with all new corrugated steel then add new studs and bolts for the seat frames and finally, pour all new concrete floors. 
From b&w photos, we will re-create the light/dark vinyl tile floor pattern with new 9x9" tiles.
We are in contact with a paint stripping company who will be contracted to sandblast the interior and exterior with a new type of "dustless blasting" system that utilizes recycled glass media in a water solution. They are certified for lead abatement as we believe that there is lead paint under the latex and cannot take any chances.

After that we will treat the metal with a rust converter like Loctite Extend and then Prime and finish paint the entire car.

We have been throwing around the concept of Tichy Gray with a gray/silver roof, natural aluminum window frames and white lettering. A color palette that we do not currently have in our collection.
A photo of work being done inside our car

On another matter-
Work has begun on Phase 2 of the Station restoration to complete the West wall. all 6 windows from the upper part of the building; 3 small squares that were visible and 3 large rectangular units that have been covered up by stucco since around 1942, have been removed and picked up by our contractor in Rhode Island for restoration. Hopefully, we will get them back by February for re-installation.
The contractor will also re-install wood trim embedded in the stucco, that has also gone missing since the 1940's.
All of the paint is being stripped and new sealer, primer and paint will be put on to finish up the facade on the West wall only.
When completed, we will have something grand to show off.