Monday, April 17, 2017

From 2 fields

As promised, I have a few updates on our work both in Oyster Bay and out east in Riverhead.

Oyster Bay is from me:
This past Friday, I had the day off from work and arrived up at the yard to meet John Specce our President, our excavation contractor-Jim Schoomaker along with our electrician-Steve Bauer.
Jim brought in his excavator and proceeded to dig a trench from the newly installed line pole acroos the back of the turntable to the area near the other new line pole. This will allow us to install a new meter pan on the first pole and build/install the structure which will house the power distribution panel, aka; the circuit breaker box, near he second line pole.
He had to dig down almost 4 feet so there is enough room to lay out the 4 inch pvc underground lateral electric piping which took him about an hour.
On Staurday, we had our first volunteer session at the yard to ensure that it is ready to receive visitors when we open on Saturday APRIL29.
Most of the work was centered around repairing the fencing around the turntable and the safety netting on the ends of the our 2 Hacks.
Safety first to keep the kids safe!
We had 5 folks show up to lend a hand which made our work very easy and failrly quick. We also started to run the power cables inside of Dinky #398 which, when we get the 2 new batteries, should allow us to test the starting system.
One step at a time!
Just a heads up that our Historic Presidential Train Station has had 2 new bathrooms installed by long time supporter, Steve Minicozzi who also graciously installed our brand new hopper style windows in the east end addition. @ 2 per bathroom. The walls were studded out and then the brick was spray foamed for insulation and added strength. Then they ran all of the electrical, plumbing and Fire wiring before adding the sheetrock. It is looking great and I can't wait for them to be finished. They are just waiting for the proper fixtures to install.
From the West, South and now the East, our station really looks SWEET!
We are now just waiting for the new glass to arrive so we can re-glaze the street level dormer windows and install the upper storey dormer windows which are already on site. We still have quite a ways to go with the North side.  I almost forgot to mention that the ROOF is now finished and by this Friday, all of the roof jacking equipment will be removed.

Now From Ronnie:
"We continued removing the seats from 2956 and cleaning the floor beneath them as we did so. Again, we are working from the west end of the car to the east. The first 4-5 rows are cleaned and back in place, and we have removed all seats up to just past the middle of the car and placed them in the baggage/mail for storage and continued cleaning. The seats in the eastern half of the car are not quite as bad as the west, so we may get away with simply cleaning them on site, or bringing a few back across the street to RMLI on an as-needed basis.
We did not do anything with 2935.
It was  two RMLI members, Matt Maritato and Greg Krusceski, as well as Gerard's friend JD Sepulveda and girlfriend Kelly Cotter along with Me and Gerard doing he dirty work."

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Did you miss me???

Hi Folks!
After getting a few (misguided) tweaks that I don't seem to know how to write a blog, I decided to take 2016 off.
To those of you who really did miss me, I am sorry and grateful.
To those of you who complained--well, we will disagree.

It's my blog.
Here we are already in March and It snowed today. I bet the OBRM yard display is looking mighty pretty.
Since October of last year, here is what has been happening
Teddy Roosevelt is smiling down upon us.
We began, in ernest, the restorarion of HIS Presidential Railroad Station.

A brief historical note for you all-
When the Oyster bay Branch Extension Railroad was completed in 1889. the turntable and freight house was brought up from Locust Valley and both were installed as well as having a brand new brick station erected for travelers.
This original brick building is the foundation and backbone of the current building.
When TR became the youngest President of the USA, the LIRR began a rebuild of the original "cape style" building to make it a more befitting and grander structure for the new President.
Since he made his home at Sagamore Hill and ran the country from Oyster Bay, it was  determined that  the architecture be updated and changed.
Bradford Lee Gilbert, a noted architect and designer of different types of public structures was brought on board and his design was built within a year of groundbreaking.
What we have today is a humble attempt at what will be in the near future.
We are pouring all of our heart and soul into the station building as it will be our headquarters.

We hired John Collins and Tim Lee as our head people on this project as they both have the heart and desire to see this restoraion through to tthe end in a most befitting and historical nature.
They began by having new footers dug and poured inside to be ale to install 8 new posts/pilasters to hold up the two main trusses of the building. These in turn are holding up the south side roof dormer.
The LIRR/MTA removed these in1965 when they cut up the building for station and crew facilities.
Big doings-trust me.

Then while that was going on, TML Construction brought in an ass kicking mason crew who were able to open up the west wall and south walls to begin the process of installing all new  correctly designed doorways and 2 new windows. They also had to move 1 window back to its original spot!
This crew will come back when we get to the  underpinning and north wall restoration where 2 new doorways and 2 new windows will need to be installed.
All new roof rafter tail extensions were designed, created, cut and installed on the south roof line and new custom beadboard roofing was installed underneath to match the original.

Now we are engaged in an entire re-roofing with thick cut cedar shingles. Our roofing contarctor has already completed the new installation on the North roof side and East end bathroom section including a new flat roof with new copper vents/flashing. The south roof has been 75% completed and should be 100% complete by end of month April.
We have also received ALL of our new custom crystal transoms to install over the original double hung windows where they were removed. It is a very thrilling site to actually walk up to the West wall of the building and see how it originally looked with the new windows and door with sidelights. Even the glass was custom designed to be original 1902 style wavy glass. True artisans of wood and glass.we are waiting to install the new leaded glass window inserts in the South roof dormer until the completeion of the roof installation.
And just so you know-The masons even rebuilt our fireplace chimney and made it OPERABLE to boot! While the bricks were removed on the outside of he chimney, I snuck up the ladder to take a look and to my surprise, I was able to clearly see the remnants of the original round window brickwork. YES, I did take photos for "posterity". All of our photos are posted on our Facebook page and some are currently on our website as well.

We still have a ways to go before we can light a nice toasty wood fire, however it is done right and after the firebox is installed, we will try and mimic the mantel and surround from the LIRR Southampton station. After all, BradfordLee Gilbert designd this station too and it shares many traits with Oyster Bay.

This is where I will leave you, however, as always, please leave your comments-good and otherwise.