Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saturday, In the yard-1 day later

HI Folks,
YES! 2 posts in 1 week. Remarkable feat for me if I do say so.
Yesterday, George, Bernard, Leon, Paul, John Specce and I met at the yard with our electrician;Steve Bauer to continue the installation of the circuit breaker box and the underground piping.
Even  with the higher than normal humidity, we were able to adjust the breaker box so it was level and plumb which enabled Steve Bauer to drill out the bottom for the pipe fittings.
While this was going on, John Specce and I set off for the Visitors center to hang up our new fundraising sign on the side of the Visitors Center facing the parking lot and Audrey Ave.

We then went over to the train station to put together the pipe frame for the other fundraising sign that will be bolted into the concrete facing Audrey Avenue, Maxwell avenue and the LIRR station. You can't have enough  "in your face" notice to the community.

I then went back to the yard to assist John Petsche who is working on our dinky to help him in any way. He was testing the coolant system and came up with a number of small but nagging issues that will entail some machining of parts, removal from the other unit to replace on this unit and we still need a new radiator cap!
I picked up special diesel motor oil and have 2 of the 3 filters that are needed. He also planned on opening up the fuel tank sump to see what is inside the tank. I haven't checked in with him to see if this was done, but worse case scenario, we can do this next week. I left earlier that I wanted as I wasn't feeling well due to the humidity. This getting old stuff sucks!!

I spoke with Leon this morning and he let me know that all of the underground piping was indeed installed but the excavation was not back filled.
I'll check in with our electrician to see what still needs to be done.

I will NOT be posting a blog next week as I am taking a trip to Florida to see my dear old Uncle and head off to the Bahamas on a cruise with my wife. THEN, the following week I will be taking a cross country road trip to the Minnesota Transportation Museum in St. Paul.
This is one of the largest collections of trains in the USA and I am attending on behalf of OBRM.
This should be fun!
See you all in a few weeks

Wednesday morning 7/12/17-8am
A quick update-I had to attend an interview up at the visitors center last night (7/11/17) of a potential contractor for the Station Restoration Committee. Afterwards, I went to the yard to drop off some things for future use and while there took these 3 shots.

 The above view is of the Turntable cutoff switch on the left which will be locked so only the operators can use it. The bigger box on the right is the circuit breaker box that took us weeks to install due to bad weather and the massive size.
We spec'd out 400 amp service which will provide everything we could possibly want in the yard.
It still needs the installation of the breaker insert as this is only the empty shell.
 The above view shows the 2 boxes as described above plus the meter pan box in the background, which is where the actual power conduits from LIPA will be installed and metered. The grey piping that you see going underground was installed without wiring inside and we still need to add piping from the circuit breaker box underground to the turntable's cutoff switch. Hopefully, this will be accomplished in a few days during our next work session.

And finally, the above shot shows the relationship of the boxes from the turntable deck. We had to make sure that the boxes were about 6 feet from the edge of the concrete turntable pit in order to allow us to swing our 2 P72 coaches full circle. They are a bit longer than the turntable bridge.
On the meter box on the right side you can see where the piping comes up from the top of the box and makes a small "s" curve to go up the pole to the "weatherhead" which is where we will make the connection to the LIVE wires from LIPA.

Friday, July 7, 2017

yes, I'm late---AGAIN !!

Hi Folks,
yes, I've been busy again.
Last Saturday, Bernard, John S, Leon, Paul and I  were able to (FINALLY) install the circuit breaker box.YEAH for us!!
By putting a ladder in back of the wooden frame and tying off the come along with chains and some lumber, we hauled (more like slid) the (heavy) metal box up a couple of 2x4's.
We lifted it a up a little higher than the frame and pushed the box's cleat into the other cleat we had previously installed onto the frame. After lunch, we added the interior pieces and finally the heavy locking door.
Our biggest issue was that we could not actually lock the door!
Come this Saturday, we will make sure that the box is both level and plumb. That should fix things up. Hopefully, our electrician will be available to continue the piping underground so we can finally fill in the trench which will make our lives SO MUCH easier.

In addition, I was finally able to get all of the fittings to let me put together a pipe frame to let us hang the fundraising "thermometer" at the train station. Visibility folks!

Keep the faith, folks!