Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello, yeah , its been awhile-not much, how 'bout you....

HI all:
sorry I haven't been as vocal a poster as the last few years but time and work caught up with me and I haven't had the time to post. SORRY!!!!!!!
Lets get on with it then.
Just an fyi as to the title of this post.. If you are a child of the 1970's as I am, you might remember the song.
I'd really love to see you tonight by Dan Seals. I know, I'm getting old.

a long term project-the repainting of Caboose (hack) #50 began with touching up the rust spots and welding in a few new patches on both of the crash posts on the ends around the door frames. Everyone has been pitching in and when completed, the orange will look great. We still haven't been able to cure a pesky water problem plaguing the roof. Hopefully we can fix it before the end of summer. The roof will be needing repainting and the re-placement of the roof walks and ladders-that will have to wait until we get the steel. NOT a priority-just a wish.

Also, all that is left for the crossing shanty is the replacement of the front glass in the door and the placement of the smokejack through the roof.

WF Cab-We added a sound system in the nose to make the unit really come alive. Its set for a diesel engine in idle. In the near future-next week(?) we will put the air compressor in the nose as well for air horn power!
This will really wake up the neighbors!!!!!

Ping Pong coach.
Over the spring our crew added the hanging signs on the center of the ceiling and installed all of the ceiling fans  and the roof ventilators. These were cut off to lower the height of the car so it could be moved "over the road".

#12- Mike E led the crew in repairing the stove and Steve T got the volunteers to level the car so the doors will open & close with no issues. I think that after next Saturdays session, #12 should be good to go.

Yellow #398-nothing but paint touch up has occurred.
Blue& Grey #397-all of the batteries and spare engine parts from the cab have been removed. Plans call for the removal of the battery box which will be placed inside the Yellow unit. All of the batteries have been removed in the spring.
Also a massive amount of rust has occurred around the perimeter of the cab base which will entail a lot of steel patch panels to be welded into place.

M1 Simulator-Nothing new has occurred.

Turntable-the portion that we as volunteers have worked on is complete and LIPA has visited the site to go over the addition of a new power line to the pole in our yard. We have to get permits to remove the trees on the east end of the turntable to facilitate the placing of the electric lines. Stay Tuned as this could take some time.

Steam Engine-We received this unit from Old Bethpage Village Restoration a few months ago and Leon & crew have built a strong platform for it to rest upon. I have been busy adding oil reservoirs and hooking up an air inlet line. I still have to add a 3 inch exhaust line and 2 new seals before I can start the engine up. Maybe next week should see it in motion!

EVERYONE has been hard at work getting #35's parts ready for moving day-
From what Steve, Leon & Wayne have informed me (and correct me if I'm wrong)- we will be sending out the frames of the engine & tender/all wheelsets & drive wheels/ and some pallets of parts already set up for transport. As we move ahead we will be removing parts from the trailers and getting them ready for shipping to Alabama and may wind up with 1 empty storage trailer by the end of this years work session.

Interlocking machine(s)-YES, you are reading it right, machines.
To date we are now the proud owners of not 1, but 2 interlocking machines. Regardless of your personal feelings regarding the acquisition of these 2 machines, our museum goal has always been to convey the life of the LIRR through interactive displays.
The "armstrong" machine's restoration has not yet begun, but we saved the unit from being scrapped.
Now we have been blessed with a donation of the Model 14 electro-pneumatic machine from Valley Tower in Valley Stream. It was shipped to us last Friday (8/10/12) during the storm and delivered to the yard. Next day, I spearheaded the movement of the parts inside the train station and one pallet into the storage trailer.
Yesterday, I began to put the machines shell together and with only 4 pieces to bolt together it looks good. I will continue to add parts as time allows.

Keep it real