Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here we go again

HI folks-long time no see-
Sorry but life is getting in the way again.
Lets get to it!
last weekend, August 10+11 Scott Lindsey of Steam Operations Corp of Mobile Alabama came up to visit us in Oyster Bay and our work session focused on the picking and loading of various locomotive part from #35's running gear.
These were all smaller parts such as the grease cellars and various valve linkage parts which we were able to load into Scotts pickup truck.
 This was load #2.

Future work sessions will focus on removing more of the valve gear & linkage pieces for transport to The Steam Operation Corps shops.

On a side note-
I finished the HO Scale model of the Oyster Bay rail yard from milepost 31 to the end of the line and it is on YOU TUBE for those who may not be able to make it down to the Historic Oyster Bay Train Station. The module is quite large but can be broken down into 3 parts and includes almost every era from the lines inception in 1889 until now. I followed the Bob Emory maps to figure out what went where and I scratchbuilt and/or kitbashed  most of the models on the module. Some buildings were built from kits as-is and the Train station was a resin model that I complete re-worked.
I did this mainly as an exercise to amuse myself but realized that it would be better to show how the rail yard evolved through the years.
the link at YOU TUBE is-Oyster Bay Module.

I do hope that you enjoy the tour