Saturday, May 21, 2011


A beautiful day after a week of rain and only  a few brave souls ventured forth to Oyster Bay.
Yesterday I picked up a gallon of custon paint in order to put the finish coat onto the Worlds Fair cab display. I think I finally got the correct color for "Goodfellow" grey to go along with the orange.

Ronnie, Paul, Gerard and I were able to get a first coat on and will finish up in 2 weeks.
There will be no work session next week for the memorial day weekend.

John Specce, the OBRM President came by with the new signs touting our "spend a day in Oyster Bay program and we put one up on the fence and the other was destined for the back of the Worlds Fair Cab.
James, our Barry Tech intern, spot welded 5 studs to the back sheet and we hung the sign and bolted it down. No more double sided or duct tape for us!.

I was the only docent on hand today as our regular docent Harvey, was unavailable and we had over 50 visitors to the yard. A cub scout troop from Sea Cliff came by to visit. They were so cute in their uniforms and they also had a group photographer with them.
Feeling good today (because of the weather, I guess), I asked them if they wanted to take a photo on the turntable. No surprise to me, they did and I even got into one shot with the kids.
All in all, a nice day.

Just so you all know, I did not take any photos today and I plan on making this my last blog for some time.
I am too busy now with work and will not have any extra moments to spare on the weekends.
I may do a once a month blog.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

workng stiffs

Hi all
Yesterday wasn't so bad a day.
If you remember, last week, we cut down 2 trees that were against Duke Electrical Supplys building in front of our gates.
We began by painting the enitire side of the building white to cover the graffiti and brighten the "joint" up a bit.
Pete, Duke Supply's owner, thought it was a great idea as it makes both of us look good.
Next week we will be adding a new facia board on the rear section of the building in order to put up a new gutter and leader for water control.
We also plan on putting up 2 more gutters which will take the water from the front sections scuppers and direct it all to the street, so it will not flood out Duke. All in the name of being good neighbors!
We'll ask him to put up new exterior lighting to bathe the yard at night.

We also built 2 new planting beds outside the front gate using our forklift to move some of the old railroad ties into plce. we first laid down some weed control fabric that we had stored inside a a locker in #50.
While this was going on, we had a couple of guys finishing up the handrail on the M1 simulator and staining it.
We also stained the 2 steps that we use to get our visitors up into the Ping Pong coach.
Still waiting on the control stand for the Turntable, but on Monday 5/16/11, I understand we will be having a visit from some folks from LIPA and maybe the Town of O.B. to see how to get us new power to the sight. We went over our needs for now and the future and sent in our proposal.
The old power pole behind the turntable is infested with carpenter ants AND we do need a new pole installed on the other side of the turntable in order to apply the guy wires to hold the electrical box on top of the turntable steady, so it doesn't move.
We also have a few minor tweaks to the Worlds Fair cab, caboose #50 & #12.
Manpower as always determines our actions.

As for todays Memorabilia sale at the historic Oyster Bay Train Station,
we had a full crew there all day and sold quite a bit of everything and made a lot of money while offering a fantastic deal on our stuff.
Everyone left happy enough that we plan on doing this again during our railroad days in August.
Lauren Godoy, Leon Daitz, Wayne Beers,  Gerard Jewel, Steve Torborg, Doug Kasner, John Specce, Ben Jankowski, Elliot Courtney, Mark Bridges, Rob Brusca, Bill Bell & I held down the fort at the station while Harvey kept the yard huming and Alex (wo)manned the visitors center.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring fever

Today we accomplished quite a bit at the yard, but during the last week and going into next week, we will really have hit the big time!
First off, last Thursday we received a visit from Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto. Mr Venditto has long been an avid supporter of the OBRM and his visit was well received. On HIS watch, we worked with the Town of Oyster Bay (TOB) to establish the museum and expand our endeavors as well as our standing in the Oyster Bay community.
The Supervisor also wanted to let us know that the TOB will be entering into a 10 year deal with OBRM to continue our efforts and triumphs. This is GREAT NEWS!!
This coming Monday, Senator Charles Schumer will be hosting a press conference at the historic Oyster Bay Station.
At the conference, the Senator will announce his intention to petition the National Park Service to initiate a source survey to determine the station's eligibility for designation as an affiliated area of Sagamore Hill. This could result in significant technical and financial assistance from NPS for the station's restoration and rehabilitation. The senator will provide more details at the conference.
This can ONLY be of value to us and the community. Imagine, if this goes through, there will be access to funding sources and technical assistance from the Nation Parks Service. Not something that can be taken lightly!
Keep your fingers crossed on this one. We have been helped by Senator Schumer in the past and I feel that he is the real deal. A good man with a passion for his people-all of us in NY.

TODAY-we embarked on a beautification program at the yard.
ALL of the staircases at the displays have been stained and sealed. We also took down one of the vinyl fence pieces and built a planter out of old turntable ties. Dodds & Eder provided the topsoil and flats of plants which were planted and watered. It does kind of make the place a bit more "pretty".
We also did a bit more work on the staircase to the M1 Simulator. And speaking of simulator, last week we found that there was some computer equipment still installed in the simulator. Today we opened up every cabinet and installed an electric line and started testing everything and came up with the conclusion that we only seem to be missing the programming for the simulator and all of the external equipment/wiring that the LIRR used on the outside of this unit.
This means that if we can get a program into a laptop, then we can have the simulation portion working.
Still a work in progress:
Also, We ran the exterior electrical conduit with the connectors and clamps under the turntable and now the wiring is totally encased until it comes to the area where the control stand will be. When that is installed, we will, of course, enclose all of the wires there too.
We picked up a new intern from Barry Technical School. Nick joined us and we think he'll fit right in.
James is working with him to finish up the roof corners. The second corner is done and hey should have the third one done next Saturday.
While all of this went on we also took a paint roller to the back of the worlds fair cab. We had a sign hung there that was finally removed and we had to scrape off the residue of the double sided tape. We wound up peeling a bit of the grey paint off and decided to re paint those portions in preparation for the final grey coat.

We have always strived to be recognized and seen, so we approached the owners of Duke Supply corp, who have been supporters since we started and inquired if the scrub trees on the side of their building could be removed. They told us if we want them gone, they're gone!
They were removed today and it opened the sight lines dramatically. Nothing is hidden now and we plan on doing some small repairs to their building and then a new paint job will be added to enhance both Dukes appearance and ours.
More to come next week and we hope that you come on up to spend some time at our Railroadiana  Sale at the historic Oyster Bay Train Station on Sunday May 15th. We'll have lots of things for sale that day. It should be a fun time and yes!, the museum and display yard will be open for viewing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Big railroad themed memorabilia sale

At the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum on Sunday May 15th:
We will be hosting a huge "enginehouse sale" (railroads don't have garages!) at the historic Oyster Bay train Station from 10am-4pm.
We will have all kinds of videos, books, magazines and many scales of model train equipment as well as many other items or sale.
If you are wanting any of these things, please feel free to join us.
Hope to see you there.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

like the energizer bunny, we keep on going......

Because we lost a days work to rain last week, we really needed to get moving yesterday.
We began by cleaning out the M1 simulator and fabricating a new staircase for visitors to enter.
Doug, Rich & Wayne began the job by cutting down a steel staircase that we had lying around and using the bottom 3 steps to go up to the back decks level.

They also started to open up cabinets and go over the actual controls to find out if there was still anything left from the simulation program or equipment. They found that there were still many parts remaining but that the actual M1 parts were never hooked up for any operation. After all, this was not an original LIRR engine that was cut down-there is absolutely nothing in it!
We did get a signal on the simulators screen, so we know that it still works and can process info.
The future will tell us what we can do with this stuff.

We also found out that this Thursday, we will be hosting a photo op & tour for the Oyster Bay supervisor John Venditto and members of the town board. They have been extremely supportive of our endeavors and wanted to see how we have been moving forward.
We started getting ready by staining the deck of the turntables motor frame and the staircase at the 25 ton switch engine #398.
John  took care of this task while Mark, Gerard and Ronnie, took care of staining the staircase
These guys are still learning the ropes but do a very good job and really get excited about what we all are trying to do. I am sure that OBRM's future will be in good hands when they get older-assuming that girls don't interfere!!

As is the usual case, we traded off jobs, so Rich & Wayne ALSO painted the crossing shanty that was only in primer. They completed the 2 coats in 3 hours including the white trim. We matched the paint to our #12 caboose interior color-Terra Cotta red from Benjamin Moore. It turns out the "NEW" color is a bit lighter and a touch more towards the yellow end of the spectrum than the "OLD" color in the samples. But it works for us.

I took the forklift and moved the interlocking assembly away from the turntable and put it next to the parts trailer to open up the area around the turntable.

As we closed the display grounds for the day, we finished up staining the handrails and stair treads on the
staircase to the dinky #398 and got out of Oyster Bay at 5pm. Its nice to be leaving when the sun is still out.

I have to acknowledge a few people that are very important to us at OBRM, and say thank you.
DC Crane- Bob Hotine has been a huge help to us as has Bob Izzo and Lou D'Arpa with their heavy machinery.
Steve & Doug at Fifth Industrial corp who do our rigging, hoisting and movement of equipment when needed. Also, Baldwin Tool Rental who have been working with me since I moved into town. They offered us a tremendous opportunity to receive from them a  huge discount on the sale of a used highway air compressor. This unit will allow us to utilize all of our air tools, so we can needlescale, cut, grind, drill and hammer everything we have to work on.

Don't forget to vote for us as the best Oyster Bay attraction.
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On tap next week :
Applying the  finish coat of grey paint on the Worlds fair cab
Installing the piping for the wiring that was run under the turntable
Begin painting the turntables arch silver
Begin the teardown of the armstrong machine
Continued staining of the exhibit staircases