Sunday, May 15, 2011

workng stiffs

Hi all
Yesterday wasn't so bad a day.
If you remember, last week, we cut down 2 trees that were against Duke Electrical Supplys building in front of our gates.
We began by painting the enitire side of the building white to cover the graffiti and brighten the "joint" up a bit.
Pete, Duke Supply's owner, thought it was a great idea as it makes both of us look good.
Next week we will be adding a new facia board on the rear section of the building in order to put up a new gutter and leader for water control.
We also plan on putting up 2 more gutters which will take the water from the front sections scuppers and direct it all to the street, so it will not flood out Duke. All in the name of being good neighbors!
We'll ask him to put up new exterior lighting to bathe the yard at night.

We also built 2 new planting beds outside the front gate using our forklift to move some of the old railroad ties into plce. we first laid down some weed control fabric that we had stored inside a a locker in #50.
While this was going on, we had a couple of guys finishing up the handrail on the M1 simulator and staining it.
We also stained the 2 steps that we use to get our visitors up into the Ping Pong coach.
Still waiting on the control stand for the Turntable, but on Monday 5/16/11, I understand we will be having a visit from some folks from LIPA and maybe the Town of O.B. to see how to get us new power to the sight. We went over our needs for now and the future and sent in our proposal.
The old power pole behind the turntable is infested with carpenter ants AND we do need a new pole installed on the other side of the turntable in order to apply the guy wires to hold the electrical box on top of the turntable steady, so it doesn't move.
We also have a few minor tweaks to the Worlds Fair cab, caboose #50 & #12.
Manpower as always determines our actions.

As for todays Memorabilia sale at the historic Oyster Bay Train Station,
we had a full crew there all day and sold quite a bit of everything and made a lot of money while offering a fantastic deal on our stuff.
Everyone left happy enough that we plan on doing this again during our railroad days in August.
Lauren Godoy, Leon Daitz, Wayne Beers,  Gerard Jewel, Steve Torborg, Doug Kasner, John Specce, Ben Jankowski, Elliot Courtney, Mark Bridges, Rob Brusca, Bill Bell & I held down the fort at the station while Harvey kept the yard huming and Alex (wo)manned the visitors center.

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