Saturday, December 4, 2010

coming in out of the cold

Sounds like a cold war spy thriller, but, nah!
Today 12/4/10 went down as our last volunteer work session of the 2010 season.
I showed up at 8am as usual and wound up having to fix the engineers window in the Worlds Fair cab. Somehow the window got blown out and cracked.
Then I had to put up the safety fence between the Ping pong coach and the Crossing shanty. THEN, I had to locate and re-apply the tarps to the tender trucks. I do not know who put them on last week, but the wind blew them off and down the yard.
By 9:30 I was still alone and ready to leave when John G showed up, so I decided to work with him to find the missing grease cellar parts for the #6 drive wheel bearing box assembly. Gerard J showed with his dad Jerry just as I was starting up the forklift so I put them on the job of doing some grinding on the inner bearing box tabs so it would fit into the outer box.
Ricky & Ronnie showed up a while later and after moving the 6 (heavy) brake shoe beams, we removed the empty pallet and began the search. After about 15 minutes, we found the parts underneath other parts inside of a milk crate. I knew they were there, just not where they were.
We fitted the 3 parts into the final inner box and tried to fit the inner to the outer box, but, it fought us tooth and nail.
Because of the weather (did I tell you all how cold it was?) I finally threw in the towel and declared this job finished, but not completed. It can wait until another time.

Next Saturday & Sunday are our annual  Holiday Express at OBRM and this year we will be featuring a book signing by Heather Worthington. She is the author of "Miles of Smiles-the story of ROXEY the LIRR dog" and will be at OBRM on Saturday 12/11/10 from 12-4pm signing copies of her book.
On hand will be a real live ROXEY for the kids.
She is a Boxer and belongs to me and yes, Roxey is her real name.
On Sunday we will be visited by Santa himself, so come on down for the fun, hot cider and cookies and a carriage ride through town.

On the board for the winter months will be sporadic special work session when needed.
We will need to lay out and attach the ties for the turntables decking when they arrive sometime in January/February.

Ta ta for now!