Wednesday, June 21, 2017

it's hectic

Hi folks,
it's  been a couple of weeks since my last post, but DO NOT worry, as I have quite a few things to tell you about.

1:2 Saturdays ago, with a good crew at Oyster Bay along with Steve Bauer our electrician, we were able to mount the shutoff switch box that will provide/disconnect power to our turntable. Steve also added some more underground piping for the wiring.
At the same time, Ronnie and Gerard had a crew out in Riverhead by the RR Museum of LI-Thanks Don Fischer of RMLI for all of your assistance!
The task at hand was repainting the Baggage Mail car. Our ex-LIRR BM60.
It, like our P72 coaches was covered in Graffiti and we needed to get it painted. With the correct color paint (no Barney purple) Tuscan Red, they got to scraping and painting most of the car. They plan on finishing this Saturday.
They have done one hell of a great job.

2:last Saturday, Leon, John Specce, our President, me and Steve Torborg went to the home of a donor who was giving us a scale model of a steam locomotive that his late brother had built in the basement.
We arrived at 8 am and began the (very) arduous task of figuring out how he had assembled this model. BTW- it was wired up to move up and down the track that it sat on!!

It must have taken us an hour before we figured it out due to extremely heavy paint build up that covered/obscured the mounting bolts. We removed the 2 (!) bolts and slipped the very heavy boiler off of the frame.
Then we had to drag it up the stairs and I tell you that it weighed over 300 lbs. if it weighed an ounce. BUT! that was the easy part.

The donor, Danny, and the 4 of us then had to figure out how to get the frame which was solid steel and wood off the table that it was resting on and again, drag it up the stairs and out onto dollies.
This part weighed over 600 lbs, but we didn't know that as we first tried to bring it up nose first.
Big mistake, as we couldn't swing  it out the side door because all of the weight on the rear of the frame.
SO! what we tried out then (after taking a well deserved rest) was to swing the unit around so that the heavy end was at the top of the stairs. When we finally got the frame up, we wound up tilting the unit up on its end which wasn't the easiest or smartest thing that we ever did! Believe me that it was UGLY!
It worked, but I wound up pulling my back out.
We turned the unit so we could tilt the nose into the house while we pulled the rear out the side door and onto a moving dolly.

After what seemed like 2 hours, we finally got the unit onto dollies and to the front of the house when the skies opened up. Luckily, Danny's wife made us a delicious lunch of Sausage and Peppers and his mom made us lemon cookies.. So, we ate while we waited. Finally, we were able to load the unit into the trailer and said our goodbyes.
While John had to leave a bit earlier than we did, Steve and Leon drove the trailer up to Oyster Bay while I went home to rehab my back, WHICH, until even today, 6/21/17, still hurts like a banshee!
We left around 4 pm but Leon and Steve didn't get home until after 6 pm due to the traffic and we were just in Ozone Park!!
This model, because it does move under its own power (electric), can be better utilized as a display model instead of the unit we currently have.
This coming Saturday we WILL get the circuit breaker box installed on the frame.
We just need to take it apart which will lighten it up considerably.

Comment as you see fit.
Better yet, come on down and lend a hand-take a look and let us know how you really feel!
Thank you

Monday, June 5, 2017

#35 in the damnedest of places!

So I read somewhere that #35, while it sat in Salisbury/Eisenhower Park, was used as a photo prop for numerous occasions. Here are a few album covers that feature #35.
Some may be easier to spot #35 in the background, however, I assure you,  after diligent research and matching the angle to known photos, that it is really #35 in the photos/album covers. I'm still looking for more.
 The photo above was taken on the fireman's side just behind the steam cylinder. You can see the huge casting for the valve gear hanger on the left side of the photo by the singers shoulder
 This ne is way too easy to figure out, but, Keystone, folks!!! You can see the #3
 Roadbed and tube pilot with the staircase to the right side of the photo.
just another style like the 2nd photo.
And, another view looking upwards from ground level. Again, this is a gimme as you can clearly see the keystone with #3 behind the guy in the center. I would love to get my hands on the photographers inventory of slides from that day!

The electric slide-Part ??

Hi folks,
I've been sick for a few days so I can't remember which part this blog is. Please forgive me.
So let's see whats going on.
2 Saturdays ago, I forgot to post this blog-
While a small, but highly devoted, crew was teaming up in Riverhead to begin the repainting project,
George, John S,Paul, Bernard, Steve,Leon and I installed the 2nd electrical panel board.
We hated the back breaking work, however, we got it done.
We did have to re-hang the french cleat which will actually connect to the electrical cabinet itself.
Hopefully, we will be able to install it come Saturday June 10, if the electrician is around to inspect things for us. If he is and we pass muster, then we can glue up the underground piping which will connect the meter pan to the breaker box and back fill everything. This would also be a help as walking around and over the turntable is getting mighty lame.

Now onto This past Saturday June 3rd.
While Leon, Steve T and myself were attending my sister in law,Betty's, wedding, Gerard was in charge at Riverhead. Thanks to Ronnie, Don Fischer from the RR Museum of L.I. and the OBRM crew who went out, our P72 passenger coach 2956 has had all 4 sides repainted in the proper-silver marlin- color. The roof was not done nor was the underside, but just the 4 exterior walls as there was plenty of graffiti and we desperately need to get it painted over.
Next week, weather permitting of course, we plan on attacking our BM60-Baggage Mail car for repainting.
It too has been tagged while in storage and it will, once again, look splendid in a fresh coat of Tuscan Red.
Again, no underside or roof painting is planned.
After our second P72 coach, 2935 is brought into the storage yard, we will bombard that car as well for repainting.
Photos have been posted on OBRM Facebook page.

All is well, All is good.
Comment as you see fit.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The electric slide-B side

Hi Folks,
Yesterday, the day started out dreary and didn't get too much better.
It turned out that only Bernard and I showed up!
So, what to do??
Simple-get our asses in gear and start putting together the 2nd electrical panel for the circuit breaker box.
just like a couple of weeks ago, it was screw some 2x12's to the pressure treated 6x6's. We then bolted on the "French cleat" on which the actual box will hang on. After this panel is finished and  installed in the ground (and approved by our electrician, Steve Bauer), we will then "hang" the box and add another 2x12 under the bottom of the box which has 2 fold down brackets. these brackets will be bolted to the 2x12 for a permanent installation.
After that, we add the underground lateral electrical piping to the existing underground pipe.

Just in case you are thinking that was all we could do, when we were through, we then took on repairs to our golf cart. It had a flat tire which Bernard took to the Getty station for a quick repair and then we worked on the rear brakes which were locked up on the drivers side.
Around 2 o'clock, Steve Torborg and Leon,  showed up. They had spent the morning out in Riverhead, inspecting the 2 P72 coaches to work out a plan of action for repairs and painting..
Bernard left  around 2:30 and Steve, Leon and I then worked out a plan of action for repairs to the floor and walls of the Ping Pong coach in preparation for its repainting this season.
We finally left at 5pm. with a plan in place.
Let's just pray that we have enough hands and time to accomplish our goals this year!!!

See you next week.
Comment as you see fit.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Long Island-The Keystone county

At least it was last Sunday, May 7th, 2017.
A new chapter for the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society (PRRT&HS) was formed right here on Long Island a few months ago and we received our charter.
There are about 20 charter members of which I am one of.
The reason is that the LIRR was owned by the PRR, so it was a natural fit.
It was decided that both OBRM and the RR Museum of LI (RMLI) would play host to 2 meetings each per year. The last one was at OBRM and was set up by Ed Koehler who had his friend Joe Bux come up and make his presentation to the group assembled inside of out Ping Pong Coach.
Believe it or not, the coach makes a great place to hold a meeting!!
We set up a screen on the west end of the car to block the door and we were all comfy on the coach seats. We had refreshments and coffee for all. Joe put on a  DYNAMITE presentation of how he "worked" for the PRR for a day when he was 19 complete with great photos. We had a lot of fun.
The group who showed up had the run of the yard as we had closed for the day and afterwards, we took off for the Historic Presidential Railroad station. over a dozen folks came over to see our progress on its restoration and then we walked down the street to the visitors center so everyone could look around and avail themselves of the "facilities"
When done, most of the group went out for dinner while I took off for home. I was beat, having been up to Oyster Bay 3 days during the week.
We are anxiously awaiting the next meeting at RMLI.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The electric slide-----

Hola all- I do not know why this did not publish last week, so it's a week late.
yesterday (Saturday May 6th) was a great day for our friend the turntable.
Why you ask?
It's because after busting our butts last week to install the framework to hold the electric meter, We actually INSTALLED the meter box.
This box is where the conductors from PSE&G will come into the yard and houses the actual meter itself.
We had Steve Bauer our OBRM electrician o hand to supervise the installation while John Specce our President, Leon Daitz-volunteer and new board member, Rich Brody,  George Schlicter and I, cut lumber, bolted panels and did the heavy lilting to hang the  meter box.
After everything was deemed "perfect", we then began the task of gluing up and installing the piping which will go up to the mast head from the top of the meter box and added the piping from the bottom of the box to go underground to the new distribution panel box which will  (hopefully) be installed in 2 weeks time.
This was NO easy task but with help from our air compressor and brute strength, we had this task accomplished by about 4:30.
We then took a detour over to the visitors center to build and install 2 sets of stairs which will be used during our first fully sanctioned school trips on  May 15 & 16.
This has been a long time in the works and we are very happy that it is (almost) here.
All that is left is to cut and install the stair treads.
We also had John Petsche show up with is girlfriend to do a little work inside Dinky #398 which got him to the point of having a fully working relay inside the electrical cabinet. 1 down-2 more to go.
All in all,
It was electrifying!
Comment as you see fit.

rainy days and Mondays usually get me down

but today was Saturday, so, the heck with Monday!!
Hi all,
so I showed up earlier than anyone else at the Historic Oyster Bay RR Station and waited.
Since the last phase of construction is over and we are waiting to issue the contract for phase 2b, we want to open up the station building for visitors.
Even though we could, doesn't mean we should. I decided, since it was going to be such a crappy, rainy day, that we should have a cleanup session inside the station building.
Steve T, Lean, John P, Paul, George and Bernard showed up and we split up in 2 groups.
My group began to move all of the lumber and tools inside the station to a different area so we could open up the west end of the building-getting it ready for Phase 2b and more importantly, make it safer for visitors.
The other group went to the visitor's center to remove all of the paint and bring it all back to the  storage trailer.
This worked out well and afterwards, we all wound up inside the visitors center to conduct an all around cleanup of the interior in preparation for our first visit from the grade school classes.
We also finished the staircase and handrail for the viewing platform of the scale model steam locomotive.
Before we split up for the day, we returned to the station building, opened up the storage trailer and removed all of the items that we want to sell. Collectibles, RR memorabilia and model trains are being photographed and will go up for sale on EBAY.
We are now beginning the fundraising to finish up our portion of #35 steam Locomotive balance due to Steam Operations Corp.
We had a balance of $8600 due and just sent him $4500.
In addition to all of this, I had an opportunity to meet with Sarah Kautz from the Society for the Preservation of LI antiquities.
Back in 2015, the Histiric Oyster Bay RR Station was put on the SPLIA list of endangered places.
I contacted them to update our progress and wound up inviting Sarah to see for herself how we are doing. SPLIA is planning their upcoming newsletter and will include a little story about us and the station restoration. We are working towards an official SPLIA visit day during the summer for members to come up and visit us and Oyster Bay.
This should be a great day for everyone.
Keep the faith.
Comment as you see fit!