Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Been a long time since I posted a blog

Hi folks, didjamiss me?
Sorry, but that's my  native Queens tongue coming out.
Anyway, here's where we are.
Our new (used) forklift arrived and we tore into it to get it prepared for our use.
Body work, a new custom exhaust due to the nature of a seaside use in East Hampton, all new window glass, a new battery, a cleaned out gas tank and fuel filters.
We still have not drained the oil or hydraulic fluid, which we will do over the next few weekends.
WE were informed by our rigger that we should be getting delivery of our boxcar from the LIRR Dunkirk yard in a couple of weeks and we should be getting our old blue Hyster forklift back as well.
The motor is in great shape but the clutch/transmission is shot.
We'll remove and salvage the engine for sale and scrap the rest for $$$
Unfortunately, during the delivery the steering went a bit wonky and we had to have a forklift repair tech, Joe come up to take a look and upon inspection, he determined that there is something amiss inside the steering box itself. Our rigger was called and will take the unit to his Hauppauge warehouse where the repairs can be made. Joe will also address the master cylinder as the brakes do not work and will adjust the clutch for us.
Our old forklift didn't have brakes either and we were able to get around just fine for over ten years!!
Work has been progressing quickly on the cab repairs and Turntable work has been slow due to the weather and safety issues having to crawl up onto the bridge to do most of the work.
This coming Saturday, 4/20/19, we hope to have all 8 of the power feeds connected on the contacts inside the box on top of the bridge. If this can be accomplished, then ALL future work will take place on the ground or in the turntable pit.
Our dinky #398 has been readied for start up and was found to have no leaks. We will attempt a clean out of the sanding system/tanks so we can blow out the concreted sand that has been sitting inside for so many years.

Keep the faith