Sunday, November 9, 2014

Almost done

HI folks,
Well, we are just about done for the season and here's what happened yesterday.

Steve Nappy, MIke B & Ronnie did a little more work on the cab of #35 and it is now about as straight as it ever was-actually, as square as it ever was. Next season-removal of rivets and sheet metal to be replaced with new panels.

Mike E and Brooke welded on the last patch panel to the rear of the cab on #397, our grey & blue GE 25 ton "dinky".
A couple of small patches are still needed on the front wall under the door.
Next season will see the paint removal/spot welding of seams/priming & painting in original LIRR colors

Mike B also took some time to touch up the black handrails and walkways which were spotted with yellow paint from the last painting session of  GE 25 ton  "dinky" #398.

I continued to try and repair the fireman's door on the Worlds Fair Alco cab unit.
The issue is/was rainwater coming into the cab. It took me long enough to realize that the door did not shut square to the frame, so I decided to try something different. Instead of using weatherstripping to seal the door, I cut the frame to allow the door to seat more flush with it. It seemed to work, however I still need to bolt a small angle piece to the bottom of the door and weld in a small tab to the door frame.
Mike B and I plan on doing this this coming Tuesday as I am off from work and he is retired. It should be a fun few hours!
Hopefully only 2 hours as I would like to take my new dog to the vet I usually use to get him used to going there instead of upstate where I have been taking him to a specialist I know.

I'll keep you all updated.
Thank for staying  up to speed with us.