Thursday, May 10, 2018

Late yet once again

HI folks,
sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks, however, I am busy with work and Museum (2 of them) work that has taken up almost all of my "FREE" time.

Simply put,
We have finished up the volunteer portion of the Ping Pong restoration and will have the sandblaster come in, in a couple of weeks to blast the car and the tender.
Until then, we can't work. After that is done, we will let the cars rust over and use Loctite Extend to paint over the rust to form a barrier upon which we can then paint on a coat of primer and finally, after all of the steel work is completed---PAINT!

As for #398, John has been replacing rotted steel that was was hastily installed in order for the LIRR to present them to us. No issues, just time.

We will begin pulling the cables/wiring for the turntable the first week of June and hopefully without any major snags, should be done by the end of the month with the wire installation. Then the fun stuff begins.
We are hoping to have things wrapped up in time for the Oyster Festival!

In a week or so, our contractor for rigging, Pedowitz trucking should have been able to finish the movement in the yard to facilitate the arrival and installation of the 2 LIRR simulators. and make room for the future arrival of our 40 ft ex-New Haven RR boxcar.In the meantime, our station restoration contractor, Mario Baldino has finished up repointing the brick wall on the West side of the station and we had the oyster shells examined to see if they were originally painted or if just the LIRR decided to paint them over many years later. Stay tuned for THAT story.

stay the course!