Saturday, May 13, 2017

The electric slide-----

Hola all- I do not know why this did not publish last week, so it's a week late.
yesterday (Saturday May 6th) was a great day for our friend the turntable.
Why you ask?
It's because after busting our butts last week to install the framework to hold the electric meter, We actually INSTALLED the meter box.
This box is where the conductors from PSE&G will come into the yard and houses the actual meter itself.
We had Steve Bauer our OBRM electrician o hand to supervise the installation while John Specce our President, Leon Daitz-volunteer and new board member, Rich Brody,  George Schlicter and I, cut lumber, bolted panels and did the heavy lilting to hang the  meter box.
After everything was deemed "perfect", we then began the task of gluing up and installing the piping which will go up to the mast head from the top of the meter box and added the piping from the bottom of the box to go underground to the new distribution panel box which will  (hopefully) be installed in 2 weeks time.
This was NO easy task but with help from our air compressor and brute strength, we had this task accomplished by about 4:30.
We then took a detour over to the visitors center to build and install 2 sets of stairs which will be used during our first fully sanctioned school trips on  May 15 & 16.
This has been a long time in the works and we are very happy that it is (almost) here.
All that is left is to cut and install the stair treads.
We also had John Petsche show up with is girlfriend to do a little work inside Dinky #398 which got him to the point of having a fully working relay inside the electrical cabinet. 1 down-2 more to go.
All in all,
It was electrifying!
Comment as you see fit.

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