Sunday, May 21, 2017

The electric slide-B side

Hi Folks,
Yesterday, the day started out dreary and didn't get too much better.
It turned out that only Bernard and I showed up!
So, what to do??
Simple-get our asses in gear and start putting together the 2nd electrical panel for the circuit breaker box.
just like a couple of weeks ago, it was screw some 2x12's to the pressure treated 6x6's. We then bolted on the "French cleat" on which the actual box will hang on. After this panel is finished and  installed in the ground (and approved by our electrician, Steve Bauer), we will then "hang" the box and add another 2x12 under the bottom of the box which has 2 fold down brackets. these brackets will be bolted to the 2x12 for a permanent installation.
After that, we add the underground lateral electrical piping to the existing underground pipe.

Just in case you are thinking that was all we could do, when we were through, we then took on repairs to our golf cart. It had a flat tire which Bernard took to the Getty station for a quick repair and then we worked on the rear brakes which were locked up on the drivers side.
Around 2 o'clock, Steve Torborg and Leon,  showed up. They had spent the morning out in Riverhead, inspecting the 2 P72 coaches to work out a plan of action for repairs and painting..
Bernard left  around 2:30 and Steve, Leon and I then worked out a plan of action for repairs to the floor and walls of the Ping Pong coach in preparation for its repainting this season.
We finally left at 5pm. with a plan in place.
Let's just pray that we have enough hands and time to accomplish our goals this year!!!

See you next week.
Comment as you see fit.

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