Saturday, May 13, 2017

rainy days and Mondays usually get me down

but today was Saturday, so, the heck with Monday!!
Hi all,
so I showed up earlier than anyone else at the Historic Oyster Bay RR Station and waited.
Since the last phase of construction is over and we are waiting to issue the contract for phase 2b, we want to open up the station building for visitors.
Even though we could, doesn't mean we should. I decided, since it was going to be such a crappy, rainy day, that we should have a cleanup session inside the station building.
Steve T, Lean, John P, Paul, George and Bernard showed up and we split up in 2 groups.
My group began to move all of the lumber and tools inside the station to a different area so we could open up the west end of the building-getting it ready for Phase 2b and more importantly, make it safer for visitors.
The other group went to the visitor's center to remove all of the paint and bring it all back to the  storage trailer.
This worked out well and afterwards, we all wound up inside the visitors center to conduct an all around cleanup of the interior in preparation for our first visit from the grade school classes.
We also finished the staircase and handrail for the viewing platform of the scale model steam locomotive.
Before we split up for the day, we returned to the station building, opened up the storage trailer and removed all of the items that we want to sell. Collectibles, RR memorabilia and model trains are being photographed and will go up for sale on EBAY.
We are now beginning the fundraising to finish up our portion of #35 steam Locomotive balance due to Steam Operations Corp.
We had a balance of $8600 due and just sent him $4500.
In addition to all of this, I had an opportunity to meet with Sarah Kautz from the Society for the Preservation of LI antiquities.
Back in 2015, the Histiric Oyster Bay RR Station was put on the SPLIA list of endangered places.
I contacted them to update our progress and wound up inviting Sarah to see for herself how we are doing. SPLIA is planning their upcoming newsletter and will include a little story about us and the station restoration. We are working towards an official SPLIA visit day during the summer for members to come up and visit us and Oyster Bay.
This should be a great day for everyone.
Keep the faith.
Comment as you see fit!

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