Saturday, April 3, 2010

The dreary side of museum work

What a day it was!!

Sunny, dry and unseasonably warm.
This was a day that was a long time coming. Years in fact!!

Plenty of hands were on deck, which allowed us to perform MUCH needed maintenance on our truck and forklift. Even though some always said we were throwing good money after bad on these two pieces of equipment, they have always proven themselves when we needed them.

The forklift had MAJOR work done to change all of the fluids/filters, new battery cables and a horn was installed. Unfortunately, the parts store could not get us the radiator hoses and an air filter for it and we have not gotten the special wheel hub tool which would allow us to service the brakes.
These parts will be in this coming week and we will need to spend a few more hours performing the needed service.

As for our truck, all of the fluids/filters were changed out and the entire truck was lubed up as well. We also needed to lube up the door latches in order to open them up more easily. We only need to change out 2 more belts and the windshield wipers. Again, not available.
Both units are working better than they have in years and the truck also received a new paint job. Worlds Fair GREY.
The forklift will receive a new paint job next time.

These two units will be in heavy duty use over the next 6 weekends as we prepare to unload the 2-40 foot trailers of parts for #35.
Why? because we are starting the restoration of #35's frame & running gear!


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