Sunday, February 12, 2012

And the year starts on a high note!

Hi folks and WELCOME to 2012-cue up the applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you all know, my job became overpowering in June and I had to curtail my OBRM time including my being a trustee, so I had to take a leave of absence. I appreciate all of the well wishes and the questions of when I will be returning.
OK-I'm back, although I won't be back 24/7, like I used to.
Yesterday, Saturday February 11th, we kicked off the new year with a clean-up session.
For those of you who were at the station building last year when we had the memorabilia sale, you will recall that the building was looking kind of...well, ratty.
Our beloved President John Speece had the Town of Oyster Bay (TOB) drop off a huge recycling bin in front of the station building into which,
John, Steve Torborg, Wayne Beers, Leon Daitz, John Speece Dave Morrison, John Grocki, Bill Krushinski and I (although I didn't show up until 11:30-although with coffee & donuts for all) proceeded to remove as much trash, litter and unwanted/unneeded items and dump it all for removal.
When we were done around 3pm, we left a building that could be occupied quite easily with room to display alot and still have another memorabilia sale this spring.
Quite a bit of stuff was earmarked for movment to the yard area where we were able to easily move the items into the shop or our new storage container. This container has proved a godsend to us as we were able to take stuff out of the "shop" trailer which did not belong and just cluttered up the area. I went in there for the first time since the new trailer arrived and can tell you that there sure is alot more room to move around and work in.
Over the course of the next few weeks we should be bringing back the rest of the turntables operating system. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


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