Sunday, February 26, 2012

spinning wheel, round and round

Thats what the turntable will do when we get it runnng.
The plan is to have it up & running this year and we are awaiting an electrical drop from LIPA in order to power the turntables motor. Now I know what you must be thinking-Gary, how much electrical service are you going to need?
Good question! According to the electrical contractor that rebuilt the motor, we only need about 60 amps of power because the motor is a high torque low horsepower unit., It only provides 2.5 horsepower!
But that horsepower can't be harnessed unless we have the control stand to operate it.
Well, as of February 13th, we do!
Leon & I took a trip to Farmingdale, actually to ....get this! Motor Ave, to pick up the controller & the starter.
We hauled these pieces back to Oyster Bay and proceeded to place them onto the turntables walkway where they will be permanently installed when we begin work sessions in the spring.
Here are a few pictures from that day.
The first one is a bit dareker baut shows the units on the right walkway looking from one end of the TT to the other end.
The next two shows the 2 units together, but not bolted to each other or to the walkway. We will install a steel plate to make this installation easier and safer for the operator.



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