Sunday, September 7, 2014

SATURDAY, in the yard

It was sooooo hot that you'd swear it was the 4th of July!

Down a few folks due to prior commitments, Leon still pulled of another great volunteer session.
As always, he kept things moving along safely.

Mike B took to putting a coat of paint onto the "station" building in the yard while John V & Paul F continued to chip off the almost 100 years of accumulated crud from the ping pong coach truck assemblies on the east side of the car. My thoughts are that the trucks will be available to begin painting in a couple of weeks! Great job guys.

Also going on was Mike E, Ronnie S & Bonnie taking to bending steel for a new patch panel on Dinky #397-the blue & grey unit. After fabrication the curved piece to fit the North side and continuing onto the front of the cab, Mike took to stick welding it onto the unit.

Yesterday marked the end of fabrication & installation of new steel to Dinky #398-the yellow unit.
I took my time re-sanding all 3 patch panels and adding a bit more body work to ensure a smooth paint job. We will begin to put a new coat of paint on her next Saturday while steel replacement goes on,  on #397.

Since it was so hot, we did not take a hose to the Worlds Fair Cab to see if the work completed last Saturday kept the water at bay and though I am writing this a day later (Sunday) I don't think that there was enough rain to make it worth my while to go up to Oyster Bay to check on the unit.

until next week------

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