Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hi folks,
A damn fine day regardless of the rain.
We started at 9 and ended at 3, but what was done was nothing less than spectacular.
Dinky #398-yellow "Dashing Dottie" unit.
A touch up on the bodywork and the unit was painted the correct color yellow.
Now we have to sand the roof and paint the hood sides & front yellow.
The walkway on the fireman's side was needle-scaled to remove 6 layers of paint & crud and was promptly painted black. The uncoupling bars were re-attached on the rear of the unit while the front bars were removed.
Next Saturday we will needle-scale the engineers side and the front of the unit and get those areas painted black as well.
We are still waiting to see if the grill work on the front is stainless steel or just regular steel. This will determine how we go about painting the grill and the grill frame.
While all of that was going on, our intrepid volunteers were still busy putting the paint to the "station" in the yard. It came out GREAT!
Also, the ping pong trucks are now ready to be painted black.
As well, the teachers  (Steve Napolitano & Mike Eftymiou) and students of OBRM welding school, were working on the removal of some really nasty metal on the firemans side of Dinky #397-grey & blue "Dashing Dan" unit. They also managed to remove the battery box from the interior as well as most of the engine parts that were inside.
A newly fabricated patch panel was flush mounted and welded in and will be finished welded next Saturday.
Since this is an educational museum, we are very proud of the instructions given to our volunteers. They have really picked up a lot of diverse skills.

Lets see how This coming Saturday pans out for us.
Until next week.........

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