Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the turntable goes round and round......

Another great work day in Oyster Bay.
Another great turnout of volunteers and even a member from the mid-west.
George F. stopped by during his stay in NY and lent a hand to the turntable work.
Even after overcoming an insurmountable amount of issues (problems) with equipment & tools, we were able to get one half of the bridge ties strapped together.
We fully intend to get the other half strapped together and get the tie clamps installed on the bridge as well.
We also (hope) intend to get both handrails and the walkway grates in place as well. This will be easier since the grates have been properly placed and the area on the ends of the ties which is where the handrail flange plates will be bolted are all ready to accept the plates.
A very good work day and James from Barry Technical was working away on the Ping Pong coach.
Seems like he will need 2 sessions to ge the old rotted metal off and fabricate the patches in school during the week in order to install the patches the following Saturday.
Here are some photos
Mike and the crew aligning the ties
Doug, Rich & Geirge F. Measuring the outriggers on the electrical arch legs
Evan setting the lag bolts for installation
George F removing a broken leg flange from the arch assembly
Mike setting lags with a gas powered socket wrench-cool tool!
The Boys at work today.


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