Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Was I missed?

It was a nice Saturday October 2nd, although I was not in Oyster Bay to enjoy it.
While I was away this past weekend, Leon, MIke & Doug were holding down the fort.
The big thing was to get the platform fabricated and installed on top of the turntables motor frame ssembly.
They did not let me down. even though I still haven't seen it yet with my own eyes, I am confident that it was built correctly. Thankfully, John Specce was kind enough to take a few photos with his cell phone and send them off to me.
Here they are.
IMG00261-20101002-1053.jpg MIke Efthymiou image by THEWINEGUY35
This is Mike at the beginning.
IMG00262-20101002-1054.jpg Mike & Leon Daitz image by THEWINEGUY35
Leon & Mike continuing the  frame assembly.
IMG00264-20101002-1540.jpg Doug Kasner and Harvey Sadowsky image by THEWINEGUY35
Doug, with Harveys help, was laying down the deck.
IMG00265-20101002-1541.jpg Doug adding access panel image by THEWINEGUY35
And finally, Doug installing an access hatch for the sand box.
This Saturday and Sunday is the 26th annual Oyster Bay Oyster Festival.
We will be open and working so stop on by to visit.

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