Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a day-almost perfect!

I am beat!
Normally I don't get much sleep anyway and I am up before the 6:30 alarm, however last night I did get a few hours but was still up before the 5:45 alarm. Oh well, I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Got to Oyster Bay this morning at 7am to help set up for the "Do Tank".
We actually set up a lawn, made out of sod, right next to our train station/museum headquarters. A water feature was also setup nearby with a sand box for the kids to play in and all the way down Audrey ave to the gazebo we set up fake bushes, some topiari (I just love that word) and plenty of tables and chairs for the town folk to relax in and "set a spell" while visiting our little part of the world.
At 101 Audrey at 1pm a town discussion was taking place to try and get ideas into how the town could re-vitalize itself. I listened to some very good ideas but since I do not live there, I really didn't feel it was my place to open my mouth. Something that I very rarely do.
As for our work session, we finished up the 2 drive rods from last week, then started 2 more. We finished needle scaling the pilot truck and applied a coat of primer.
Because of the extra hands on deck today we started needle scaling the turntable motor frame assembly. After the next work session, we should have this assembly totally devoid of paint and will apply a thick coat of Extend rust treatment. This stuff converts rust to another type of coating that resists water so cannot let the metal turn rusty again. Then we will apply 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of gray to match the turntable bridge and re-install theis to the bridge in the tt pit. Hopefully, by the time we finish, the bridge ties will have been delivered on site.
Then we have to start building the bridge deck and getting it installed-another installment to come!


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