Saturday, May 22, 2010

All roads lead to this>>>>>>

Today we finished phase 1 of the restoration of former LIRR steam locomotive #35.
Attending to the blueprints and measuring tools, were Scott Lindsay and his men from Steam Operations Corp of Birmingham Alabama. These men measured all of the pieces from the driving gear and frame of #35, its pilot truck and the runnning gear from the tender as well. Our volunteers were at the yard assiting them from Wednesday to today.
Rich Brody and Leon Daitz headed up the OBRM staff on hand and were assisted by Doug Kasner during a day and Me today.
They also went over the tender shell to see where the metal was too thin and needed replacement.
Before they left to go home down south, I went over the next set of tasks that were needed before the parts went to their shop for the actual machining. This next phase should take us about 2 months starting after the Memorial day weekend. I told the volunteers to stay home and spend the work day with their families so we can all be refreshed for this phase.
We will also be assigning some of new crew members as heading up parts of the phase to break them in.
This will be BIG!!

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