Sunday, June 28, 2015

ping pong floor

Hi everyone,
Well, due to a huge Historical Society meeting at the Garden City Historical Society, I had to miss Saturdays volunteer session. I understand that work continued on the M1 simulator program and it is fully integrated now.
But as for yesterday, Brooke took care of finishing up the installation of the door sweeps and then sanded down the entry way into #50 and laid a coat of polyurethane down on the entire floor.

I had set up Mike and Paul to both needle scale the front of #397 dinky.
by the end of the day, it was complete and primed.
We will continue to do 2 parts at a time as manpower can handle. If we can get 2 people a session, I feel #397 can be completed by the end of fall. Yes, that's all body work. paint stripping and painting.

The biggest part of the session for me was to remove some of the rotten concrete on the floor of the Ping Pong coach. I broke up an area from the rear door going inside just to the edge of the bathroom door frame.
Most of the floor is a red color and that is just a skim coat of self leveling concrete that covers the original concrete. The actual flooring in the original floor was 9 by 9 composition tile over concrete. The concrete was poured on top of corrugated steel. This is the same way that most roads and bridges are put together, except, they use stainless steel corrugated panels.
Due to the corrosion of the concrete on the plain corrugated steel throughout the years, the floor is coming apart and will need to be completely taken off the car. What Leon and I did was to mix up some self leveling concrete and pour this onto the solid concrete on top of the corrugated steel.
We will need to pour a 2nd level next time to build up the floor so it will not be a tripping hazard.
The link below is to the picture I took.
ping pong floor

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