Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wait until the summers gone

This is a song from one of the bands I used to see at "SPEAKS" a club in Island Park.
As I get older, I seem to reminisce more. I had a great time and wouldn't trade anything I have done.
But why reminisce? Simple. Besides #35, #50 holds a memory for me.
This is the first piece of equipment that the "Friends of Locomotive #35 inc." rescued and restored ourselves.
We were a bunch of kids just farting around, but this car got our juices flowing to really learn how to restore trains.
After 16+ years, the weather has taken its toll and #50 was looking worse for wear.
After some major efforts by our volunteers, 3 sides of #50 are looking reat!
One more side to go and we can wrap up this job for the year.
Even though we have new projects, we still have to be able to maintain what we have on site and this seems to take up a lot of time, but its very necessary, especially when everything is out in the weather year round.

As summer winds down, we are now preparing for the Oyster Festival which is our largest revenue stream.
We will once again need many hands to help out at the food booth, visitors center, station and the display yard.
anyone who is interested in lending a hand for a day or two can contact me directly at
or John Specce at john.
We hope to see you there on SATURDAY & SUNDAY October 13+14.
Keep it real folks!

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