Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A bit late, but.........

Well, here it is the Tuesday after our last work session and I am finally getting to write up my blog.
A large crew was on hand for the day and we were able to get all kinds of things accomplished!!
I like a day like that
Rich, Doug, Leon, Wayne, Paul, Ricky, Ronnie, Evan, John , Gerard and I proceeded to remove the valve gear cylinder head covers, clean out the cylinders and replace the covers with wooden ones to make future removal much easier. We did remove BOTH sides of these cylinders.
We also cleaned out the steam chest of accumulted scale. When we removed the boiler from the frame many years ago, we did this job, but through the years, more of the scaly metal flaked off the good steel and this had to be removed.we started the process of needlescaling the tender truck frames and priming over the cleaned metal.
We finished the inside of the frame on one truck assembly and next week should be able to complete the outside of the frame, primingit and putting a tarp over the completed truck.
We also moved the crossing shanty from the left side of the front gate to a spot just between the Worlds Fair cab and the ping pong coach. We tried to align the front door with the back of the WF Cab.
This empty spot is where our M1 simulator will be placed when we finally receive it from the LIRRin a few weeks.

Next week we will continue on the tender trucks and should be able to remove the steam cylinder head covers. We will also attempt to put together the driver bearing box assemblies for #35.
There are 6 of these boxes, one for each drive wheel opening in the frame.
Keep your fingers crossed!!

Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance as my wife & I will be picking up our newly adopted dog. We are receiving a greyhound from LI Greyhound Transfer, a rescue organization, who is bringing up many greys that have been rescued from Florida racetracks.
Since I lost Sammydog on September 30th, Things at home haven't been the same.
I am still devastated from her passing and Diane & Roxey have been sad and Roxey has been very lonely.
I had been looking at rescueing a greyhound when I rescued Roxey from the Cross Island Parkway and she wound up my new dog. Now its time!

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  1. I'll see if I can get a few pictures this week since you won't be around. Good luck with your new dog!