Sunday, August 15, 2010


HI folks-I am back to work! My wedding was wonderful and thank you all for your kind words.
But seriously folks-We had another GREAT day in Oyster Bay!!!
It started off very well and just got better.
We put away the right side valve gear assembly into storage and began work on the left side assembly.
This process was just like the drive rods. We had to remove all of the paint and grind down the surfaces of the parts to bring up their shine and remove all traces of paint & rust. This enables any inspector to see if there are any stress cracks forming which would render the part defective.
Fortunately, by the end of the day the volunteers were able to polish every part and coat them with COSMOLINE for long term storage.

At the same time, the other volunteers were busy at work putting a second coat of EXTEND rust converter onto the turntable motor frame. With the weather being warm & breezy, the extend dried in a couple of hours and they were able to get the first coat of primer onto the assembly. Next week we will get a second coat of primer on and I plan on lifting and re setting the assembly to allow the primer to be applied to the parts under the cribbing.

We will also start paint removal on the drive wheels.
As an added bonus to the day, OBRM President John Specce stopped by with a present.
#35's ORIGINAL Throttle handle.
Somehow, we were contacted by a gentleman who had it in his possession for some time. He knew about us and wanted to make sure that it was returned to #35 for its restoration.
How's THAT for a great moment in history??!!
Here it is on the tail of the parts trailer going left to right. The throttle grip is on the left side. On the right side is where it attaches to the rod in the cab.


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